Welcome to Watford Hindu Group

This organisation was founded about 30 years by members in Watford, UK. Our purpose is to provide non profit events and educational services to the Watford Hindu community.

Our services include hosting, organizing and promoting religious, cultural and other social activities in the area.

Our first was in 1973 when a small of group of us celebrated Janmashtami at the Hare Krishna Temple in Letchmore Heath in 1973.

Our Gujarati School

The Gujarati school (WHGGS) was established in 1984 by the Watford Hindu Group to teach the local Gujarati community’s children and adults the Gujarati values, culture and language.

The school has now grown serving not just Watford but the surrounding areas. With the support of the Watford Hindu Group, the Parents, Governors and Teachers – the School has grown in strength and since 2007 has based itself at Watford Grammar Boys School.

Photo Gallery

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Our Events

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Gujarati School

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